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De-addiction & Rehabilitation Centre is a place where patients or inmates stay with a routine after detoxification.


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Old Age is a state of condition for all of us. It is the responsibility for every individual to help the elders...


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Disha De-addiction and Rehabilitation Centre is one of the leading anti drug treatment centres in India, committed to drug abuse prevention, control, treatment and rehabilitation of those addicted to alcohol, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamines, marijuana, cough syrups, sedatives, tranquilizers, pain killers. More


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Disha Productions & Solutions is a Productions unit of Shrestha Health care and Management Solution Pvt. Ltd. SHCMS Pvt. Ltd. is a company directed by very dynamic Directors keeping in mind the principal of helping them to help for the peoples facing any problem. More


  • Non AC: Rs.300/Day
  • AC Deluxe: Rs.400/Day
  • AC super-Deluxe: Rs.500/Day

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Five years ago, I was an alcohol addict. I lost the respect of everyone including family members and myself. My wife, concerned about my mental and physical degradation, inquired and came to know of Disha. She asked Disha volunteers to pay me a visit at my home. They visited and shared their own success stories which motivated me for taking up the treatment at Disha, Lucknow. After getting treated my life has changed and now, I along with my wife run a school for small and lovely children .Now I realize the importance of life, its beauty and our social responsibility, a happy life without Alcohol. My heartiest thanks to the Disha family of which I am also a part of now. --Anonymous

My Psychiatrists have monitored my medicine for my addiction treatment but I was unable to quite it myself as I always lost my control, over me when it comes to smack addicted friend around me as I don"t dare t0o tell them "NO". It was the support of my stay at Disha for two months I was not understanding about the problem of mine from within. Now I can say No to drugs every time boldly and motive the new and old addicts to join the war against addiction. Thanks the team Disha. --Anonymous

I got addicted to alcohol when I was 21. Friends, office workers used to force me to have drinks with them every now and then. In no time I lost control over myself and got addicted to alcohol. Seeing me start to have abdominal pains my family consultant a doctor. After the check up he said my liver was getting damaged due to alcohol, and he directed me to Disha. My family got in touch with team Disha and afterwards I got admitted here. After months of counselling and treatment and getting control over my cravings and mind. Today I am alcohol free and back on my feet working. I really appreciate Team Disha for their support and for helping me get out of the trap of alcohol. ---Anonymous

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