Q.1 Give a brief overview of Disha De-addiction and rehabilitation centre?

Ans.1 Disha drug De-addiction and rehabilitation centre is one of the pioneer in the field of drug demand reduction treatment , rehabilitation and support Centre started as a counseling centre in the year 1989 April and was upgraded as De-addiction and rehabilitation centre in year 1991 completed twenty five year in 2012. It started centre by YMNA at Patna now having four centres two at patna budha colony and two at phulwarisarif with 350 beds and started centre at Aliganj near novelty cinema, kapoorthala in the posh locality Aliganj, Lucknow with 10 bedded unit and a branch at jankipuram Sec G with 25 bedded facility in the year 2009 and 2010 run by YMNA association registered under societies registration act of Govt. of UP and supported by SHCM S PVT, Ltd Company. Disha provide Treatment of psychiatric illnesses, alcohol and drugs dependency, and psychological guidance with counseling facilities.

Q.2 What are the arrangements for accommodation?

Ans.2 Centre has 10 bedded facilities with Air Conditioned Deluxe, 15 bedded super deluxe, semi-private ward and 10 bedded general ward. All arrangements are there from Bed tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening tea with snacks and Dinner in the centre itself. Extra milk, Juice can also be arranged on demand.

Q.3 What is the working staff Credibility at Disha?

Ans.3 Various aspects and requirements of the centre are being cared by the management which is governed by the administrator, for medical and Psychological management of the patients. General physician, psychiatrists, psychologists and duty doctors are there look after the arrangements. To run the daily function of the centre in a systematic way a panel of visiting medical and paramedical specialists assistants, cooks home nurses and home keeping staff is available there in the centre.

Q.4 What about out door facility ?

Ans.4 For assessment and treatment of the entire range of psychiatric disorder/substance or alcohol abuse Disha has Complete OPD Facility.

Q.5 What about the payment procedure at Disha?

Ans.5 Depends on the facility availed by the ward. Accordingly payment with the bill as per rule is being deposited in account of organization/company as per the case. Cash with the receipt may be accepted. Facility of Debit & Credit Card is also available. The payment Include all charges for medicines Consumables, Services availed by the patient.

Q.6 What is admission Procedure in Disha ?

Ans.6 When Somebody comes for admission, Complete details are taken from the family members i.e. various details/symptoms of the patients as per our care sheet. Also history of the patient, prior treatment record (if Done) also to be submitted. After there formalities patient is physically examined and Mental Status Examined (M.S.E.) and psychological assessment is done at the time of admission. After all this the patient and his family members are required to read/understand and then sign general rules and regulations and consent form. Payment has to be made separately for charges of medicines pathological or psychological investigations prescribed by the Doctor and Specialist consultation of any other specialty.

Q.7 What are the basic requirements of the patient at the time of admission?

Ans.7 Four sets of clothes, Undergarments, toiletries and sleeper. Toiletries can be made available from the centre on demand basis.

Q.8 What about Day Care facility available for all the patients?

Ans.8 Yes, The day care service has been designed for facilitating the rehabilitation and reintegration of the patients into the community on their way to recovery through partial hospitalization.

Q.9 What about patients valuables at the time of admission ?

Ans.9 Thorough Check-up is made of his belongings, for any valuables cash, purse, money, mobile, chain and drugs ,tobacco, cigarette, pan masala. All these things are taken from the patient in the presence of family and handed over to the family members.

Q.10 what is the duration of treatment ?

Ans.10 It depends upon each individual care depending upon the gravity of disease he/she is suffering from.

Q.11 What are the various aprands of treatment followed by Disha ?

Ans.11 The treatment programme is a residential multi-disciplinary therapeutic program, conducted by a team of physicians, psychiatrist, psychologists, social workers, counselor sand paramedical staff.
It is divided into thirteen parts:

  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Psychological Treatment / Counselling
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Cognitive behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Class on Psychological Topics
  • Relaxation Therapy, Music
  • Yoga
  • Exercise, Prayers
  • Family Counselling
  • Psychological Testing
  • Music and Games
  • Audio Visual Shows , TV

Periodical follow up is the part of after care services, the discharged patients are encouraged to come regularly for follow up. On visiting days the patient along with their family members visit the centre and patient´s disease and recovery is discussed. Efforts to make the patients re-integrate into the community and to attain the status of being recovered person are the aims of follow up.

Q.12 Can addiction be treated successfully?

Ans.12 Yes. Research and our experience shows that with behavioral therapy is the best way to ensure success for most patients treatment approaches are to address each patients drug abuse patterns and co-accruing medical, psychiatric and social problems can lead to sustained recovery and life with drug abuse.

Q.13 What about the patients meeting with the family?

Ans.13 They are allowed to meet on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Q.14 How often can the family meet the patient?

Ans.14 It depends on the conditions of the patient, if patient gets disturbed with the frequent visit of the family then it is restrained, but family members can meet the doctor and psychologist to enquire the progress of the patient.

Q.15 What is the facility for those who require long term rehabilitation program?

Ans.15 Yes at Disha long term stay facility is available and atmosphere is given them for rehabilitation which helps them in recovery process including developing of personal accountability and responsibility of the individual.

Q.16 What about contacting patient on phone ?

Ans.16 No, the family Members can´t contact patient on phone as it creates a problem sometime. But only permitted family members can contact. Meeting is being promoted as it helps our counselor to understand verbal and non-verbal communications of patient treatment related to the behavior can be taken care.

Q.17 If any body is required to stay with the patient ?

Ans.17 No. In case of Emergency only Family members are requested to stay .

Q.18 What about the quality of food available at Disha ?

Ans.18 North Indian food is being served taking care of nutritional value. On special days special days special menus are there for special occasions.

Q.19 what about laundry facility at Disha ?

Ans.19 It is available for those who can´t wash clothes but we insist the patients to wash their clothes their own as part of their daily routine.

Q.20 If Disha has Ambulance facility ?

Ans.20 Yes. But is paid Ambulance facility to pick up the patients from their residence also at the time of discharge if required this facility is available. Also for medical tests or any medical concerned requirement this is available.

Q.21 what about tips ?

Ans. 21 Our Aim is to provide patients the best care and our staff is pleased to make your stay comfortable then basic duty. No body Should try to give them tips neither they will accept it.

Q.22 What is the whole Routine for the patients ?

Ans.22 To get up early in the morning and after bed tea starts with yoga classes. After this they get ready after breakfast and medicines psychological classes starts counseling, music therapy Classes, lunch after which short rest group discussions other classes. After 5 p.m. they have tea with snacks after which time for entertainment, watching T.V., Indoor games to make them comfortable and feel homely. After dinner and medicines they go for sleep. This Routine keeps than engaged.

Q.23 What is the discharge procedure at Disha ?

Ans.23 Complete Disha Team which includes psychiatrists, psychologists, counselor discusses When It is felt that patient has recovered and symptoms of his illness has minimized then as per doctors advise doses of medicine are reduced and his positive changes are noted. There after the case is reviewed with the family and told about the discharge of their patient. Discharge formalities them begins in the office. Usually formalities finish within an hour or two. Discharge card and other literatures are provided for educating the family. Regular follow up and 15 days medicine is advanced to the patients. In the last patient is asked to sign the discharge register and go home. we wish him good luck and hasting recovery.

Q.24 Does the Disha have any other Branch ?

Ans.24 Disha de-addiction cum rehabilitation centre run by YMNA at Patna having Four Centres at Patna. Two Branches in Buddha colony and two at phulwarisharif with 350 Beds. Also Having two centres in Lucknow one Centre at Aliganj near Novelty cinema, Kapoorthala in posh locality with ten bedded One centre at Jankipuram Sec G With 25 bedded with all facilities.


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